Summonable mobs in Minecraft

When a player first enters a Minecraft world, they will often find themselves in close proximity to creatures known as mobs. These creatures play an important role in the popular survival game.

Mobs can spawn naturally in all dimensions. Players can also cause mobs spawn, in addition to natural spawning. The most popular way to create mobs is by breeding animals.

However, breeding mobs is not possible for animals. The player can summon a few mobs by using blocks. This article lists all mobs which can be summoned using survival mode.

1) Ender Dragon

Players will face the Ender Dragon when they first enter the End dimension. The exit portal is opened when the boss is defeated. This opens the door to the outer islands. To open additional end gateways, players will need to respawn and defeat the dragon.

Ender Dragons can be respawned if there are four end crystals placed on either side of the exit portal. The exit portal will close after the dragon has been summoned. It will only open when the boss is dead.

2) The Wither

Wither is undoubtedly the most dangerous mob in Minecraft. It can fly at high speeds, destroy blocks and inflict wither status to enemies. The player can summon it, so fighting the mob is not necessary.

To summon the Wither, players must create a T-shaped structure with four soul sand block. To spawn the Wither, place three wither skulls on top.

3) Iron golem

The iron golem can also be created using iron blocks, just like the Wither. Players place a carved pumpkin instead of a wither skull skull or other head.

Iron golem, a neutral mob, primarily targets hostile mobs to defend villagers from danger. These tank mobs can be spawned by players and used to defend their bases.

4) Snow golem

It is almost impossible to find a snow golemis that has been naturally created in Minecraft. These mobs will need to be spawned by players. A snow golem can be created by players placing two snow blocks vertically on the ground and placing one carved pumpkin at its top.

While they lack the strength and range of iron golems, snow golems can still make range attacks. To keep enemies away, players can build a watchtower.