Is blockverse a scam ?

After raising PS975,000 from a public mint, Blockverse developers, an unofficial NFT-project for Minecraft, have been quiet.

Blockverse announced their January 23rd public sale of 10,000 NFTs. This would allow owners to access a play-to earn Minecraft server, "allowing for teamwork & competition." Their whitepaper explains that $DIAMONDS can be generated by combat and playtime.

All tokens were sold in just eight minutes, and cost 0.05 Ethereum (PS97). The Blockverse Discord was shut down shortly thereafter. Their official website also went down. Twitter has not posted since the announcement of the sell-out in what many are calling a rug pull.

On Twitter, illiquidassets confirmed their involvement in marketing for Blockverse, but also that they were out of pocket.

Illiquidassets claims that they paid several influencers to promote Blockverse. ("I was told that I would be reimbursed as soon they mint out"), got their Twitter to 10k followers, and even advised them on how to grow their Discord.

They ghosted not only the Discord group but also me. Now I am down 11eth, or approximately $26k. Today they took down their Discord and all my content. I am still unpaid.

"I will help to hunt down and find these men starting today. They kept all information very private so I was not given names. Any questions or information, please message me on discord or here. They continued, "Add me to your chats, and I'll do my best to help you,"

They spoke in a server for Blockverse victims and then relayed a message from Kashx, who allegedly first reached out.

Kashx stated, "Hopefully you can see that with the time we've spent on this, we never intended it to be a rug. But we just ended up being unable to handle the chat after server launch." We felt there was too much negativity, and couldn't fix the problems. So we decided to take a step back and concentrate on development.

"This morning, it felt like the Discord was getting out of control with death threats anddox. We honestly panicked." While we wanted to protect everyone, it turned out that it ended up putting a lot of the blame on you.

Then, they promised to pay him but said that "we're going to deal with all this shit first".

In Discord, there was a conversation between Kashx, the developer, and a few "investigators". This revealed that Blockverse wants to give ownership to the community along with the royalties that reselling NFTs will generate. However, they believe 500Eth is a fair payment for the work they have done and the death threats that they have received.