How to find weapons in Minecraft dungeons ?

Without the right armaments in place, heroes in Minecraft Dungeons won't get far in their journey to defeat the Arch-Illager and their minions.

When it comes to weapons in Minecraft Dungeons, the popular action RPG doesn't disappoint. There are tons of weapons in the game of varying qualities, including powerful unique items that make players search for them thoroughly.

Since Minecraft Dungeons allows players to equip both a melee and a ranged weapon, there are plenty of builds that utilize different weapons in tandem. But before a player can round out their build, they'll need to find the weapons they're after first. That's not always the easiest task.

Minecraft Dungeons: Ways to obtain weapons

In short, players in Minecraft Dungeons can find weapons of various qualities and power levels simply by playing the game. Due to the game's randomized loot drop mechanic like many other dungeon crawler titles, obtaining certain weapons means pursuing a few different options and staying persistent.

If a player doesn't find their preferred weapon on their first pass through a mission or merchant, continuing to try may yield the results they need.

Below, Minecraft Dungeons players can find the different ways to obtain weapons:

Mob loot drops

As players progress through missions in Minecraft Dungeons, defeating enemies can often result in loot drops. These aren't always weapons, of course, as mob loot drops also have the ability to be a gear, like armor or artifacts.

Depending on the area players find themselves in, the possible gear that can be dropped varies. This applies to other means of getting weapons as well, so it's best to know what mission drops which items. Fortunately, the mission select screen lets players see what potential rewards they can earn from a given area.

Opening chests

Scattered throughout Minecraft Dungeons' levels and found occasionally on the backs of trader llamas, chests come in many different varieties and bring different rewards along with them.

Though not all chests drop weapons, those that do vary in quality and drop chances for uniques.

Purchasing from merchants

Throughout Minecraft Dungeons, players will gain access to many different merchants at their base camp. Each of these merchants operates a little differently, but most are willing to provide gear for the price of emeralds. The exception is the Piglin Merchant, who offers gilded quality items for gold, which can be secured while delving through Ancient Hunts.

The Gift Wrapper

After being unlocked in the Soggy Swamp, the Gift Wrapper allows players to send other players in their camp weapons, armor, and artifacts. Sending a fellow hero a gift as a weapon is a great way to make a few friends in Minecraft Dungeons.