Best biomes for farming mobs

Minecraft had only a few trees and broken plains when it was first released. Minecraft has now over 60 biomes after a decade.

Minecraft's endless world is divided into biomes, which are unique ecosystems. Each biome is unique in its own way. They have their own temperature, terrain and vegetation, as well as mobs.

Players should pay attention to the biomes when building mob farms. Certain biomes have spawn rates that are lower or higher for certain mobs. Maximal efficiency can be achieved by farming mobs in the best areas.


Although swamps may not be the most beautiful biome, they are home to rare mobs known as slimes. These slimy monsters can also be spawned in other biomes that are made up of slime chunks. Java users can mark chunks easily, but Bedrock Edition does not have the option to show chunk borders.

Swamp biomes, which are not only rich in slime chunks but also provide the best location to find slime for Minecraft. Nighttime is when slimes naturally spawn in swamps. The slime spawn rate increases during a full moon.

4) Savanna

Savanna biomes are well-known for their animal mobs. These warm biomes can be found with common animals such as horses, sheep, cows and pigs.

Savanna biomes make excellent habitats for animals. You can also find beautiful acacia wood, and be amazed at the extreme worlds of shattered Savannas.

3) Nether Wastes

The hellish realm had nothing more than Nether wastes before the 1.16 Nether update. 2020's Minecraft update introduced new nether biomes, and renamed previous generations to Nether wastes.

Because of the high spawn rate, Nether wastes is the best biome to build gold XP farms. You can also find Nether-exclusive biomes in this area.

2) All End biomes

Endermen are one of the most dangerous mobs on Minecraft. They live in the End Dimension. They are the only mob to spawn in the End and have the highest spawn rates in this dimension.

In the End dimension, players can build highly efficient XP farming farms. Enderman-based farms that can generate XP in a matter of minutes can increase a player's XP level by up to 300%.

1) Soul sand valley

The best place in Minecraft to create mob farms is Soul Sand Valley. This biome is home to only skeletons and ghasts. Common nether mobs don't spawn so the mob space becomes empty. Monsters such as wither skeletons or blazes spawn in fortresses.

The ideal location to build wither farms is Soul sand Valley. Players can also construct efficient skeletons or ghast farms on top of the nether roofing.

Many biomes have their own mobs. Players should select the right biome to create mob farms based on their specific needs.